Escrow Closing Services

What Are Escrow Closing Services?

When buying and selling real estate, closing is the final step in the process, where money changes hands and documentation is filed. It’s when the sale truly becomes final. 

When discussing the topic, you may hear the term “escrow closing services.” That refers to the role your title agency plays as an unbiased third party who helps ensure secure, accurate real estate transactions.


For Buyers

We know that home buying and selling are stressful. That’s why our team works to make this final part of the process smooth and stress-free. We make sure documentation is in good order, financial processing is seamless, and all conditions of the sale are met.  


For Agents

The trust clients place in their real estate agent extends through the selection of a title agency. Mattingly Ford Title strives to be the resource agents can trust for secure, no-hassle closing. We provide the type of service experience that agents want for their clients–so they can end the engagement on a high note.

Why the Escrow Settlement Process Is Critical

Beyond facilitating the exchange of funds and paperwork, we make sure all conditions associated with the sale are met according to the agreement. For instance, if a buyer won’t close the transaction until certain conditions or requirements are met. We advise the parties involved so everyone stays on track with what has been mutually agreed upon.  

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