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We make sure everything is in order so real estate transactions process accurately and efficiently—from start to close.

Mattingly Ford Title for Closing Coordination

Your clients trust you to find the right home and advise them on real estate processes. That trust extends through the selection of a title agency. We’re the resource you can trust for secure, no-hassle closing. We make sure all the documentation is in order and financial transactions are processed securely.

With Mattingly Ford Title as your partner, expect an experience that helps to build your business. Here’s how we do it.

Exceptional Expertise

We are fluent in the real estate world and have been serving our communities for generations. We’ve earned the trust of our clients and respect of peers because we get the critical details right and believe customer satisfaction is everything.

Great Communication

Customer satisfaction takes great communication. Your clients want to understand what to expect from start through close. That’s why we make sure to clearly communicate every step of the way and provide timely responses when questions arise.

Comprehensive Service

We offer comprehensive residential and commercial real estate services: processing transactions, due diligence research, documentation for fast, secure escrow processing and title insurance protection.

Smooth, Accurate Closings

That’s our promise. We will be your trusted, go-to partner for closings that are accurate, fast and flexible. We treat your customers with respect and complete real estate transactions with the due diligence they require.

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Our promise is smooth, hassle-free closings that are accurate, fast, and flexible.
We’re ready to support virtually any residential or commercial real estate transaction.