“Mattingly Ford Title is the best team in the title business. They are fast, accurate and reliable. The owners are hands on at all ;mes and they will bend over backwards to accommodate a closing, even at night or on a Saturday when needed. They truly put their clients’ needs first.

Jesse Cronen

Northpointe Bank

“Absolutely love working with Ma2ngly Ford. Their team is a force to be reckoned with. I’ve been in the business for over 21 years and used many different ;tle companies over the years. However, none compare in work ethic, efficiency, flexibility and eagerness to get the job done. It is very evident that pu2ng the client’s needs is a top priority. I appreciate the concessions they’ve made to facilitate closings before and aXer hours to make it work for everyone!!”

Angela B. Ross

Senior Loan Officer, Smith Broady & Associates

“I use Ma2ngly Ford Title Services because of their professionalism, loyalty and quick response to ques;ons. I believe in the company and their employees. I always recommend my client to use their services because of the experience and kindness they display. Ma2ngly Ford Title Service truly stands behind their work in the community and I am so please to be associated with the company.”

Pearlie Walker

First Financial Bank (Southern Indiana)

“Closing with Ma2ngly Ford Title Company is an easy choice for my personal and my client’s home deals. Great communica;on and customer service along the way. When you walk in, you feel at home and everyone knows your name.”

Pete chambers

Realtor ExP

I have done many closings at Ma2ngly Ford Title Services. The staff and the a`orneys are so professional. The customer service is excep;onal. Every ;me I go there for a closing with my clients I know that they are well taken care of. I would recommend Ma2ngly Ford Title Services to all of my clients.”

Viraj Summers

Summers Realty Services