What Types of Realty Title Services Do We Offer?

Mattingly Ford Title provides comprehensive title and closing services for real estate companies, financial institutions, businesses, and home buyers. We have the experience, processes and technology to manage virtually any real estate transaction. 

If you’re wondering exactly what types of real estate transactions we handle, this guide walks you through our services. 

Real Estate Escrow Closing 

During the final stages of a real estate transaction, the seller receives the funds agreed upon for the property and the buyer receives title to the home. Mattingly Ford Title manages the distribution of funds and related paperwork to ensure transactions are secure and accurate.

HUD Closings

For homes sold through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), we provide the documentation and financial distribution for these transactions.

Short Sale Closings

Short sales happen when owners who are having financial difficulty sell a property for less than it is worth. Mattingly Ford Title works with clients on the negotiations and preparation of documentation required for these specialized transactions.

Witness Closings

Our team provides notary services to witness document signing for remote or out-of-town transactions.

Title Searches

A title search reveals the ownership history associated with a property, and if there are any claims or liens that may impact the purchase. Mattingly Ford Title conducts a comprehensive records verification and transaction history search to ensure closings are free from error.

Government Loans

With government loans, there is more documentation required than conventional loans. Our team processes this specialized documentation for clients seeking government-backed loans.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Searches

Mattingly Ford Title conducts searches that reveal claims filed against a business property or other assets associated with a loan.

Investment Property

When clients pursue real estate investments, our team manages the transaction processing, including like-kind exchanges permitted under Section 1031.

Title Insurance 

Mattingly Ford provides title insurance to protect buyers and lenders against any “defects” or legal disputes tied to a property before the current transaction.

Title Services from Mattingly Ford 

Our job is to make real estate transactions accurate and official, and we want to make the process as hassle-free as possible. That’s why our clients trust us for fast, friendly, and accurate closing services at a fair price.

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